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Any New Scientific invention with Industrial Applicability is entitled for obtaining a Patent Grant. It is a legal right given to the inventor of a particular good or service to either make or sell it for a particular period of time. It protects the inventor by prohibiting others from producing a product similar to the patented one. It also ensures the quality of the goods and services produced and protects the people from being deceived by falsely implicated goods and services. Patent law in India is governed by Patents Act, 1970.

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We write patent applications in such a way that competitors will be unable to work around your technology. This type of patent might propel you to the top of the market.

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We may also assist you with your patent filing if you are on a tight budget. Even while the overall cost of the treatments will not be lowered, they will be stretched

Patent Strategy

Every business is unique, and so is its strategy. We develop a robust patenting strategy tailored to your individual business needs & modify if needed.


Is one of the best Intellectual property Attorneys and Corporate law firm In Bangalore we have come across. Their professionalism and support with dedicated employees like Kum.Raghavi brought me high satisfaction and confidence in getting the Intellectual property rights. This shows their excellence in their duty.

Steps for Registering a Patent

  1. Check whether the subject matter of the invention is patentable in our country.
  2. To verify the invention meets the basic requirements specified by the Patents Act.
  3. Prior Art Search
  4. Draft the patent application.
  5. Publish the application in the government website.
  6. Request for an examination and keep a track if the invention has received any objection.
  7. If an objection has been incurred, then legal assistance is required in clearing the objection.
  8. Patent Granted

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