Human Rights Law


Trademark Law

Trademark Trademark has become indispensable with a growing increase in the number of units in the business sector, and it provides a unique identity to each company. In India, all the rules and regulations regarding trademark is governed by the Trademarks Act 1999. It provides rights to both manufacturers and service providers. Source: Quora Read [...]

Copyright Law

Copyright Law The creator of an original work needs to protect it from being used without his permission and to ensure that he or she earns the loyalty due to him. For example literary works can be adapted to make movies, drama or tele serials. Such work can also be entered into literary competitions to [...]

Company Law

Company Law In India the Companies Act of 1956, administers the formation of the companies, which includes both public and private entities. A company is formed by registering the memorandum and articles of association with the State Registrar of the State where the main office of the company is located. Foreign companies who wish to [...]

Insurance law

Insurance law: Protection law is the act of law encompassing protection, including protection arrangements and cases. It can be comprehensively broken into three classifications - control of the matter of protection; direction of the substance of protection arrangements, particularly with respect to buyer strategies; and direction of case taking care of. Source: Wikipedia Read MoreWhy [...]
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