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What is a LLP Registration?

(Limited Liability Partnerships is a corporate module which combines the features of partnership and companies form of business )

LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership governs under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. The shareholder’s liability is limited to the value of their shares.

Limited Liability Partnership has many features of a regular partnership firm. But unlike an ordinary partnerships firm, the partners/members are not liable for any debt of the LLP. Every Limited Liability Partnership must have at least two members. The members can be natural persons or a body corporate.

LLP Registration In Bangalore

LLP Registration in Bangalore

Easy Steps to Register

Why Choose LLP?

  • LLP has twin advantage ie. a Partnership and firm.
  • No partners will be held responsible for other partner’s misconduct.
  • The Liability is limited to their shares.

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Requirements for the formation of LLP

The minimum requirement to form an LLP is that of two members. But there is no minimum authorised capital required to build an Limited Liability Partnership. There is no maximum limit for partners. Further, one partner must be an Indian National.


Document required to form a LLP:

  • Address Proofs (All Designated Partners)
  • ID Proof (All Designated Partners)
  • PAN Card (All Designated Partners)
  • Photograph (All Designated Partners)
  • Rental Deed of the Corporate Office.
  • Electricity Bill of the organisation.
LLP registration in bangalore

How to check name availability for LLP?

While choosing a Company Name, you need to do a two-fold search to ensure the availability of the Company Name.

Step One to through the ROC Portal. Till now the companies combine to get the complete data of the MCA. Hence make sure that there is no similar name already exist. Check out the company name like ROC Registration Number/ Existing LLP/CIN or company name keyword.

Step Two is to cross verify your company name though Trademark Registry’s website.

Steps to Register for LLP

  • To Obtain Digital Signature for all the designated partners.
  • DIN can obtain for all the partners.
  • LLP Name Approval from ROC.
  • Submission of Memorandum.
  • Final documentation submits to generate certification of incorporation (like Subscription Page, Business Address Proofs, etc.).

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