7 Advantages of Trademark Registration

7 Advantages of Trademark Registration


A trademark is a unique mark or sign that represents a business, and it is used to distinctively identify a company from another and build its credibility among consumers. Trademark Registration gives plenty of benefits to its registered owner.

Here in this video, we are going to discuss the top 7 benefits of Trademark Registration:

1. Exclusive Right

This main advantage of trademark registration is that it grants the Exclusive right to use the Brand or the mark by its owner. This means only the owner of the registered trademark has the entire right to use the mark in relation to specific goods or services. The right granted to is the owner is for entire India. Hence, this registration stops any third party to use any similar or identical mark as that of the registered owner.

2. Legal Protection

Trademarks are a form of intellectual property and the trademark registration protects the brand or the name from infringement. so once the Trademark Registration is done, the owner of the mark has the right to sue anyone who breaches the rights. So, if a third party uses your trademark without your consent, you easily file an infringement suit before the High Court or the District Court.

3. Builds Trusts

The Registered Proprietor can use the R symbol and it adds a great reputation to the goods or service. In simple it gives branded recognition to your products.

4. Protects Your Brand in Social Media Too

Nowadays, we started promoting the brands through Social Media like Facebook, YouTube, and many more platforms by way of a YouTube Channel or a Business Page. You can protect your brand name even in Social Media by way of Trademark Registration.

5. Business Expansion Globally

By way of the Madrid System, you can protect your Trademark even in foreign countries. So if you are in export trade, your brand would be protected even abroad. And by that, you can expand your business globally without any huddle.

6. Asset Creation

Trademark is an Intangible Asset and is considered as a property of your company or the owner. So you can earn smart by way of licenses, assigned, and even sold for commercial benefits.

7. Ten Years of Validity

The registered trademark is unlike patent and copyright, trademark registration provides uninterrupted protection, provided every 10 years it needs to be renewed.

So, these are the top 7 benefits of Trademark Registration. One important thing. Most of the business owners does a common mistake, that is they do trademark registration only when the brand starts fetching profit. But at that time if the trademark application is refused, because of the similarity of name, it would be a greater loss both financial as well as time. So the best time to protect a brand is immediate once the brand name is selected.

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