private Limited Company Registration in Bangalore

The Process of Doing Business in Bangalore


India has raised 14th place in the ease of doing business ranking across the globe. In India, a large contributing factor towards this is drastic and quick improvements are the rewarding nature of the two capitals of the country’s financial Mumbai. According to the recent statistics doing business in Bangalore, companies improve tire 3 to tire 1 level in 3 more years. Banglore ranks number 1 among 17 major cities for starting a business.

A very simplistic procedure of Private Limited Company Registration In Bangalore. This serves major motivation to register your company in Delhi. Nowadays, the Quick processing of company registration is taking great decisions by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

Pre-requisites for Private Limited Company Registration in Bangalore:

  • 2 Directors
  • 2 Shareholder
  • Registered Office Address (Residential/ Non-Residential)

Process for Private Limited Company Registration in Bangalore:

Step 1: Apply for Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).
Step 2: Apply for Director Identification Number (DIN)
Step 3: Apply for Name Approval with Registrar of Companies (ROC), Bangalore
Step 4: Apply for Registration with the new PICe form or Form INC-32
Step 5: Aquire Registration Certificate.

Documents Checklist For Private Limited Registration in Bangalore:

  • Memorandum of Association (MoA)
  • Articles of Association (AoA)
  • Declaration and Affidavit by directors and first subscribers
  • Proof of Office Address
  • Utilities Bills’ Copy not more than 2 months old. Note: Address of the bill same of original proof (Electricity, Gas, Water Bills, etc.)
  • Copy of approval if the proposed name is containing words/expressions and must need authorization by the Central government
  • In case of proposed name based upon a registered trademark then it is mandatory to attach a trademark registration certificate or trademark application copy
  • Get NOC from sole proprietors partners /associates/ existing company
  • Need Proof of identity & residential address of subscribers.
  • Need Proof of identity & residential address of directors.

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