Importance and benefits of trademark registration

Importance and Benefits of Trademark Registration in India

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Most of us know the importance of trademark registration. It plays a significant role in promoting the products, as well as the quality of the product.

A trademark ™ is a visual symbol that may consist of a word, signature, device, numeral, heading, label or a name that is written in a particular style in order to make it distinct from others.

Some of The Benefits of Trademark Registration

It protects brand value and builds trust  

We all know today the well-established brands are known by their trademark, which creates a positive impression and build trust among the customers in the market. However, trademark helps in customer retention, and it attracts new customers/clients.

It gives you independent ownership right

The Registered proprietor of the trademark has independent ownership right over the trademark. He can enjoy sole ownership and restrict the unauthorized from using it. It provides him with a legal right to sue against the unauthorized use of the registered trademark.

It Differentiates product or services from others

Trademark makes it easy for customers to identify products or services. And it helps to distinguish from the existing competitors. Hence trademark is considered an efficient commercial tool.

You can Use ® symbol over the trademark

The Registered Proprietor of a trademark can Use the ® symbol over the trademark, which indicates that the trademark is registered and no one can use the same trademark without permission. 

Protection against infringement

No one can use the trademark without the permission of the Registered proprietor. Use of registered trademark without the permission of the consenting person will be sufficient to take action against them according to the trademark act.

Protection for 10 Years

Registered trademarks have an expiration date. You have to just renew it timely. Renewal of trademark is cost-efficient.

Attract new Consumer’s, customers or clients: 

It creates a positive impact on the organisation. Eventually, it attracts new customers and clients easily.

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