The Private Limited Company Registration Process

The Private Limited Company Registration Process

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There are various entities in the registration of a company. Private limited registration is a type where company ownership split into shares and shareholders. To register a company as a private limited company, it is an obligation to fulfil the following criteria.

  • It must have at least two adults to act as a director of the company. There can be up to a maximum of 15 directors.
  • It cannot invite the general public for its securities subscription.
  • The minimum amount of capital should be Rs. 100 000.

These are the requirements for registering a private limited registration in Bangalore.

What Are the Advantages of a Private Limited Company?

  • Compared to the public limited company, the private limited company is easy to form with 2 members.
  • It gives the company a status to borrow funds from the market.
  • It helps the company with perpetual succession, which means that it has continuous existence until its dissolution.
  • The Private Limited Company can commence the business soon after its registration.
  • The control and management are generally in the hands of capital owners.
  • It can start immediately after the registration.

The process to form a Private Limited Company

  • Procure Digital Signature Certificate
  • Obtain Director Identification Number (which is issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).)
  • Obtain clearances and NOC certificate from concerned ministries related to the work of the company. Like the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change etc.
  • Reservation of Name through Form INC-1.
  • Certificate of Incorporation from the Registrar of Companies.

These are the basic stuff you should know before planning to choose the private limited registration entity.

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Documents Required to Register a Private Limited Company

Registered Office Proof

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